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Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Hellow fellow nosey people ha ha, hope your smiling today and feeling well. I'ts WOYWW Did you see Julia got a metion in Craft Stamper this month so how many more do you think will be joining in? So what is on my desk? some deliveries so I am gong to be altering stuff this week ;0) and can you see my book 'SEW' I have her other one 'MAKE' as well. I love these so today as the weather has perked up we are off to York  (an hour and a half drive away not bad eh?) to buy yummy material from the Cath Kisdston shop and a look round of course, loving York. So I hope to be doing some sewing some time between now and next Wednesday as well (nothing too hard though ha ha) I hope to get a look round yr desks on Friday as I will be no where near a computer if the weather holds up.

This draw has lots of ribbon and trims I bought some 'Twilight' shoe laces  yesterday they will come in handy I'm sure. This draw has lots of little bags and small boxes in side under the layers as well. All my reels of ribbon are hung up under a shelf so I have a fair bit of ribbon but I know some of you have way more than this now don't you? ;0) Ok I'm off hubby is waiting very patiently bless him. Oh welcome to another follower ;0) don't be shy leave a comment and I'll pop round and see you soon.  That goes for all of you he he. Love Dawn xx

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

More Tea cups and an Inchie

Do you love it? This is my every day tea set there were 2x mugs 4x tea cup 4x side plate 4x dinner plate  (but no saucers) so what is the saucer I can see then? you ask, well I bought 6x plain while china saucers with a gold plate trim They are a little big I think for the cup but better than none at all and they were onlyr 50p for 6x and I think they go well with the cups don't you? The best of this was the price! all you can see plus the dinner, side plates and cups & saucers you can't see £5.50 from a charity shop, I  know cool isn't it? Now this may be my last showing for some time as it seems I have bought all the charity goodies ;0) as I haven't seen any for a while, well not ones I wanted to buy any way ;0) These are all English china made by Mayfair. I can't find the photo of the bottom of the cup (sorry) I have to say this is a wonderful Tea pot it pours beautifully and has a wonderful spout I hope you like my share and I will pop round to see yours soon and even if I can't post for a while until I get some more yummy Tea cups for you to see, I will still be here to swoon over your wonderful goodies I love Tea Cup Tuesday.

Now a 'Little craft' ha ha This is an inchie, I had lots of goes with the alcohol inks yesterday and so I thought I would just add this little fishy to go with the challenge over on Small world of Inchies (SWOI) I love inchies I haven't made any for a while so here is my fishy for this lovely little challenge. Enjoy! Love Dawn xx

Monday, 28 June 2010

Brightly coloured tag!

Monday Monday da da da looks good to me da da da .... Oops sorry getting carried away. No more foot ball yay (but loads of TENNIS ha ha) Federa through and now for Nadal. I hope you had a wonderful week end the sun is shining (another song in my head now) but not for long in the NW according to the weather man (darn it I want to go a way to the sea side this week) Any way, as the sun is shining, I went for the bright colours from the alcohol ink bank this week lol I am going to use this for a few challenges so here goes. Linda's it's Monday  and Wk 3# for another Tim technique page 61 this week of the Compendium of Curiosities (CC) see my link on the side bar for more info or just click Linda's name for this weeks edition. Next over at the Play Date Cafe (PDC) they would like a colour combo of Orange Brown Red & Turquoise yummy! And Finally GSC Gingersnap Creations would like wings! Ok think that's all of them ;0)

I have used a beer mat (well not really a beer mat but you know what I mean) covered it in card stock then the lovey Pg 61 of the CCs book, lots of alcohol ink (talk about messy I have all red and turquoise fingers now ha ha) I added some yummy ribbon and cut out some ribbon bits I had and used  them as accessories, some paper ribbon to make a boarder some DI round the edges and done! hope you likey. Love Dawn xx

Items Used :- Alcohol inks, Distress Inks (DI) Tim Holtz, Ranger. Ribbon Stash. Stamps, Stampin Up! SU & Dove Craft.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Dawnies ATC Club

Hello, how is your Sunday going? Mine is going really well 170 followers wow! Thank you so much. It means SO much when you decide to follow me . It means you like my art and want to see more and I am so chuffed (pleased) really I am thank you and I hope I can continue to make you smile and want to pop by again. 

My Hubby is watching the Football (more solitude and time to craft for me what are you all doing while the footy is on?)  it's an important match so I am told ha ha. Good job there is no tennis on a Sunday!

Today I wanted to tell you that I have had an ATC swap going since April with a lovely friend Petra for the next six months April-Sept each month we swap 3x ATC and we decide on a theme April was 'Cinema'

These were mine, (Previously shown.) 

And these were Petra's I think the saying "two great minds think a like" comes to mind here lol I was so thrilled with these I can't tell you.

May came and the theme was 'Flowers' here are mine (previously shown)

And here are Petra's. Again I was so grateful for the swaps we have. Aren't they beautiful?

I share these with you as I thought at the end of each month I would show what we have come up with.  Now for the month of 'JUNE' the theme was 'Paris/French' so if you would like to leave a link in a comment to a single or a few ATCs you have made with this theme I can show a few at the end of July on my blog if you like. Along with what my self and Petra made too! There are no prizes, it's purely just for fun and just a way of my followers to join in the fun of our swap (virtually) if you like. No pressure now, it's just an idea, see what you think and if you have time I would love to see what you come up with. Have a super week end. Love Dawn xx

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Steam Punk!

Hello, how are you enjoying the week end? Sunny again I love it, can you believe though they are applying for an emergency water shortage, I mean floods in Dec, and how many feet of snow in Jan. Feb. and we will shortly have a hose pipe ban as the water is below 40% in the UK, really shouldn't they have more storage? okey doke whinge over but I am sure many in the UK get very fed up of these enforced water supplies when A. we are an Island and B. we get charged so much for the water we use and they get big fat bonuses of millions and we can't turn the tap on! Spain and other hot countries seem to manage we have a few dry weeks and I said whinge over didn't I sorry on to the art!

I am loving playing with the steam punk bit's 'n' bob's I have. This is an ATC with a lovely little technique  from Tim Holtz book of Curiosity's over at Linda's each Monday we are going to play with a technique of Tim's for I think it's 35 weeks  this is week 2 Fragment Basics and on page 62. you can click on the banner in my side bar to join in the fun or on here. I am also going to enter this for Hel's Sunday Stamper challenge, this week she would like to see metal. (Eyelet, watch faces and corners) I would like to tell you how this was done (I'll leave out the Tim bit as we have agreed. Although I am sure we all have the book right?) any way I used some DI with the TH spongy thing (love this tool I have four now) you may recognise the image on the fragment? It's off the wrapping for the Artsy stamps ha ha I have used alcohol inks to colour it in and then you know the rest I am sure.

Next is some Steam Punk jewellery (can you see the lace they are on? this was a beautiful gift from another friend called Lynn I know a few Lynn's Hope you got the thank you card xx) I have used some plain metal pendants and some yummy images (reduced SO small) I have coloured the metal with alcohol inks.  Then added somal watch parts layer of UV gel then more bits and then more gel it gives a better layered look. The top one is a vintage magnet for the fridge ( I keep being told I really must get an esty shop, do you think people would buy my stuff? I'm not so sure lol) and the other is a pendant but I don't know if I will use it as such yet, I may put it on to another piece.

You can see better here some watch parts and some glass beads finish them off I have also used my UV gel to give them that glass clear like finish as well. I am also going to enter these in to Small world of inchies who are asking for steam punk and Hels SS can I post twice? Any way what do you think of steam punk? I quite like it I have to make up a story for the jewellery pieces yet as steam punk is all about industrial revolution, Victorian and fantasy story's to make the pieces more interesting (like the antique road show if you know what I mean). So these are my goodies. I hope you like them, why not give steam punk ago, it really isn't that scary honest. Love Dawn xx

Items Used:- Stamps Artistic Stamper & Paper Artsy. Tim Holtz Distress Inks (DI)s & Alcohol inks Ranger. Pendants, metal corners, beads and watch parts, Altered Element. Watch faces stash.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Skinni and ATC

Another beautiful day I made these last night after watching the TENNIS ALL DAY bliss and so many fantastic matches. I had been watching the historical match between Isner and Mahut for two of the three days. Also some great matches with Federa, Nadal oh I love it and it's been thrilling (more than I can say for the silly FB although DH is looking fwd to Sunday) and is really enjoying England beating the Aussies in the cricket again (sorry my Aussie viewers xx). Any way I have a very hard to keep secret, I am so excited more about this very soon!

Here is the close up of my Skinni over at SCD this month is Skinni month ant this week is blue & white these are 5x3  or 3x5 pieces and I love them this is my first and I think  am a wee bit late this week oh well I did enjoy doing them and I am also going to use this for the Gingersnap creations (GSC) who have a challenge for shades of blue.

I was enjoying playing with he blues so much  made an ATC as well I have use a Tim Holtz die cut with some  scrap material to make the flower and added some DI so shade it up a bit

Here's a close up I have been playng with some of Tim's DIs on my craft sheet adding water then putting card stock in drying and then added again then drying then putting through the cuttle bug to dry emboss then more stamping, I put some versamark on a stamp then some DI and then stamped I then added some clear EP and heated (these techniques were used on both the skinni & the ATC) I just then added the flower and stamped some images on white card stock and added these as well and a bit of ribbon, buttons and some deco glitter and Bob's your uncle (as they used to say) hope you like these and they give you some inspiration to create something  to. Love Dawn xx

Items Used:- Inks, Tim Holtz Distress Inks (DI) versamark. Stamps, Crafty Individuals. Cuttle Bug Emboss Folders (EF) and clear Emboss Powder (EP) Stampin Up Card Stock (CS)

Thursday, 24 June 2010

A shoe fit for a very good friend!

I was amazed by all the visits again yesterday thank you for stopping by (I did about half of all the entry's but I will defo get back to all that commented yesterday if I haven't already thank you. Now I have a lovely find to share. I have found an amazing template over at Terri's (it pays to play tea cup Tuesdays he he) so make sure you pop along for the video TT if you fancy ago at one of these gorgeous shoes. I saw it and I knew a Friend who would love it and you can make it big enough to hold a few gifts too!

This is it ready to go full of lace and hand made goodies for the special lady Lynne wehave agreed to do this swap for each other and I am so thrilled. One of the reasons I like blog land so much you get to make some fabby friends.

Now I have made some buttons from polymer clay with script stamps on and I know Lynne like me Love's anything French style so this shoe and the Eiffel tower were a must along with some vintage and new lace/ribbon for her to play with. she had been making lots to do with birds and so I added some eggs that she can paint! and I am happy to say I have had a lovely e-mail she is so happy with it and my little swap will be in the post soon (we gave each other until the end of June so I was a little early, she has far more commitments than me ha ha) honestly if you don't know Lynne pop along you will love love love her stuff, just make sure you stop by and visit me again ha ha.

here is close up of the front of the shoe. Now in the first photo you can see the heel I made to go with it, talk about tricky it took for ever! but I was happy with it in the end. I have used some yummy DBL sided DP and a beautiful cubic zircon Crystal slide for the ribbon I knew I had to use it for this very special friend. I really enjoyed making this for some one who I knew would love and appreciate the work put into it and it was a pleasure for such a lovely person.  I hope you like my share with you today. Don't forget to pop along to Terri's for the template and to Lynne's to see their wonderful work (I kid you not you will love both these sites) Love Dawn xx

Items Used:- Design Paper (DP) Kay & Co. Stamps, Oxford Impressions & Stampin Up! Moulded Items, Polymer clay Emboss powder, ink and Liqid clay. Flowers , Hobby Craft and Orchard crafts. Ribons various.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Hello I am very late today in joining you all. Last week I didn't play because my Dita died (so sad sniff) but I said I wouldn't talk about this earlier this week as it's too depressing. So on to the wonderful WOYWW with the lovely Julia. I have been playing with my gel again and UV light, some beads and old tea spoons. You may also notice my new toy arrived today oh goodie (this is a very early B'day gift from hubby as it's not until July and I can have it now so cool ) my melt pot!

Here is a close up of the gel I use (I only mention this as quite a few asked about this when I made my bird shrine) Here It sets like glass. Only it's now so sunny here I have turned off the UV and put them out side. On the left you can see an oval pendant with beads hanging. from it. It is now a magnet! (steampunk style!) this will be in a later post!

I am also keeping my promise and showing you another draw, this has so many bits in it from scrabble tiles, moulds to butterflys to watch parts etc so much cool stuff in here enlarge pictures to have a closer look if you like. I am going to try and get round a few desks now but the sun and the melt post along with a very long sewing list is also clamoring for my attention ha ha. I also have another new follower yay! and she is lovely as all of you are.  Thank you for your continued support and wonderful bloggy comments. Love Dawn xx

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Tea cup Tuesday and a glitzy skull

Look at these boxes, I saw these in a shop some years ago and I had to have a look inside and this is what I found!

These are my wonderful teacups for this Tuesday (and not a spot of china in sight!) and I adore them so much so I have never used them. I must of had these a few years now and for an amazing price too! they just look so 50s (to me any way) the colours and the box they came in. They're just made to look that way as they were new in a shop and the same wonderful delight was found in the next box!

I was going to a wedding and I bought them for the gift however, getting them home I loved them so much I bought a set for my self too! again unbelievable value (I do use these all the time) I also have one of those original tan baking bowls. I just love them, aren't they great colours? and the boxes too are just wonderful so this was my little share with you this week I do hope you like them. Don't forget to pop over to Terry's & Marther's for tea cup tuesday This has become one of my pleasures of the week, going to see lots of wonderful tea cups and so many too! I didn't realise how popular this little habit of mine was lol it seem's I am not the only one. 

On to my crafty treat for the day now.

Over at A Skull a Day There is a skull a day shown (not my usual cup of tea ha ha) However, not horrid at all. I found a freebie on there, how to make this skull. So I thought I would share one I made with you. Skulls don't have to be a gruesome thing do they? No as you can see here I have made a very pretty skull. I coloured the card stock with copics then added lots of pearls and gems and I also added a tongue ha ha. Pop by and collect this template it's will come in handy come October I am sure. You could enlarge it and make some giant ones to hang out side, or keep them small and make a garland of skulls, I enjoyed making mine .Hope you liked my little shares of tea & skulls (very extreme lol) Love Dawn xx

Editied to add direct link to the skull template HERE

Friday, 18 June 2010

Fathers Day card

Hello Newbie followers it seams every time I come to post I have new followers (HOW COOL IS THAT?) I am so thrilled you think it's worth popping by time after time (especially as it's been a little sad here of late, we'll say no more on that subject, still getting used to the fact she isn't here any more) and still you are joining my journey I am totally surprised every time some one becomes a follower, like people find what I do interesting is really so cool. I am so grateful for all of you, thank you. Well it's Friday evening and the cricket's on and then the England match later (I'm not  complaining) he only ever watches FB when the world cup is on and even then usually only the England matches, nope my hubby is more a rugby/cricket fan and I can so live with that! So, here I am, guilt free at the crafty table in my kitchen (craft room) ha ha Having made my darling hubby a card from his grand son for Fathers day (already done one from his sons) I may just stick my name on this one too lol. 

There are a couple of challenges I would like to enter this card into as well. There is the lovely Hels who would like us to think of numbers this week over at the Sunday Stamper and a prize too! so pop over. And the wonderful Stampin' Sisters in Christ would like a male/fathers day card. Do pop to these wonderful challenges if you can, there is some super talent and love waiting for you at both these challenges.

And it wouldn't be a post from me with out a close up now would it? lol This is a very simple card (and Quick! if you have forgot or if yr short on time) I have used some wonderful male DP and distressed the edges. A little stamping and a few little bits added and done! I hope you like this little offering. Love Dawn xx

Items Used:- Card Stock, Stampin' Up! (SU) Design Paper (DP) Graphic45. Inks,  Stayzon, Distress inks Tim Holtz, Ranger. Ribbon (tape measure) ? Stamps, Paper Artsy. Ticket, Tim Holtz.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

ATC Swap! and a big THANK YOU

Hello my beloved bloggy friends, thank you so much for all your lovely words for myself and my family in regard for DITA it's unbelievably harder than I though it would be only having her a few years, But she isn't here and I miss her terribly and your word were so helpful I had a good cry (crying now too sniff) But I won't talk about it again to you all but THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Hello fellow crafters,  have something to show you (at last he he) over at Artist Trading Club There is a new swap for JUNE.  And it's dresses or dress up ;0) oh and I had alot of fun making these, I hope you can see in the photos ok.  I couldn't see when I took the photos the sun was SO BRIGHT! And am I loving this weather or what? oh yes I am, so very very much (sorry for all you HF Suffers) but I love the sun. I don't sit out in it baking by any means but I just love the fact the sun is in the sky giving much needed heat and the sky is such a beautiful blue in our corner of the world.

I also wanted to have a wee bit of a theme making the dresses, so I thought I would go for  ' A dress for all seasons' the first is Spring! You can click and enlarge the photos I think. So I followed the Tutorial (TT) by Margret for the back ground to put the dresses in. Just pop along to the link Here and you will find the instructions. Really very simple to follow and I love the end result don't you?

Here is Summer! as you can see, I have basically done them all the same. I have made the back grounds the got the sewing machine out stitched in appropriate colours then added some distress inks to match round the edges to give a softer appearance. each had a stamped corner and a dress added.

Here's Autumn

And finally Winter.

I do hope you have enjoyed a look at these, and if you are in the swap hope you liked the sneaky peak to what you may get this month. It's not too late to join  in if you fancy having a go. you just have to have sent them in by the end of the month. I hope to get these sent to Chris tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by, oh I almost forgot (how rude of me) welcome to my new followers, you are so very welcome to share my crafty journey and I hope I can share in yours to, so leave a comment. Love Dawn xx

Items Used:- Stamps Oxford Impressions (Marie Antoinette plate). Design Papers (DPs) My Minds Eye, K&Co and Laura Ashley. Ribbons, stash. Inks, Tim Holtz DI, Ranger. Gems, stash.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Dita our rescue dog of just over three yrs died yesterday in the garden peacefully on the grass in the sun. (this was a shock but I am happy it was this way, just old age I guess) She was a fantastic dog/companion we took her all over with us. This is her on her first day at her new home and away from what ever traumas she had previously suffered and below are her retirement years I don't want to spoil yr day. I couldn't talk about it, I am just too upset. I just had to share this with you I hope you don't mind. Love Dawn xx

You will be missed  DITA ?-15/06/10


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