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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday

Happy TCT people. I have always liked a drink form a cup and saucer. I don't know why maybe there is a hidden snob in me, ha ha joking No when I used to go to my aunties when I was very young she had a cabinet and she would let me have a TC&S I always felt very special as these were so prized and I was trusted not to break them. (maybe it wouldn't of mattered as she always chose for me) but that didn't matter I loved the visit, as I would always get some juice in my cup & a biscuit on the side of my saucer, any way this is why I have always loved them. Promise, I am no snob (the thought!) But then, I don't think people who love china are snobs maybe just some thing I grew up with people were very posh if they had china, we drank out of mugs! ha ha. So now, very recently I found this wonderful site run by the lovely Terri & Marther and they have the same passion for china (probably more so) than I do. I also found a new place that likes to show off not only their china but some sweet treats as well at Sweetology (I don't have any I am afraid but I will be having a looky at all yours ha ha). I have began collecting and already there isn't enough room in the house for what I have. Above is my new everyday cup. It's not china but it does have a lovely shabby chic quality, and I so wanted a cup with a bird on ;0)

This is my currant Pride & joy. Isn't it stunning?! the colours, the texture the shape the handle the gilding oh it's just stunning and I adore it. I paid £10 for this beautiful German piece. Bargain? probably not I will show you why.

It has this tiny chip, I new this before I bought it as the seller was very honest. But even though it has this fault I love it any way and it's never used (for obvious reasons) But I am happy I own it, it was a bargain to me.

I told you last week I am really in to trios. the palates are in wonderful condition. Just look at the shape of this darling cup from a side view, it really was worth every pennie as it gives me joy. I do use all my cups and this is sad I can not drink from this one. Saying that I would rather have it than not. Collectors probably think I'm mad, I know how things being in such good condition matter. But for me this is the exception to the rule.

I don't know much about makers marks etc. I asked last week for some recommendations, for books and you have given me some. So hopefully I will soon know a little. But I know quality and this set screams it from the roof tops to me. It's German 'Khoenberg' the rest you can see if you click larger. If you know anything about this I would really appreciate any knowledge you may have. But for now I will settle in with an infusion in one of my TC&S and go and have a wonder through china heaven through your blogs. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Love Dawn xx

Monday, 30 May 2011

Altered cigar Box

Hello, another Monday morning and we begin another week horah! lol. What did you do over the BH week end? Well it was hubby's B'day yesterday but as it was the Sabbath we celebrated on Saturday and we had a lovely day together and a meal and shopping it was a good day. He opened his gifts after church, he even got the sweetest phone call from our Grand son James. And we heard some wonderful words from our living prophet which soothed and healed. I really do love Sundays. We have no plans for BH Monday but I am scheduling this just in case the weather turns nice and we want to pop out. I bought some cigar boxes on Sat. while we were out. Love them, all shapes and sizes, so be prepared to see a few more in the coming weeks, This is a wooden one.

I had gotten completely fed up with my draw being FULL of TH things (do not miss understand) I love my things but so bulky in their packaging so I kept the packaging I thought may be useful (this months CS has some ideas from the lovely Hels) & the rest was binned. I then popped it all in this box and there is still room for more (that it good news;0) he he, and my draw also has more room for more crafty items. I am fast running out of space, I can tell you and so I have to stop buying or make more room. So you can guess what I did ;0) Yep made more room. I hope you continue to have a lovely BH in the UK or Memorial weekend if your in the US. Love Dawn xx

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Stamp Smith Challenge

Hello, and good morning to you all. I have decided to play along with the Stamp Smith Challenge I always forget this one for some reason, but is a great opportunity to get some vouchers to buy some stamps and they are very good I wish I had more. So I am entering this week with a SS stamp isn't she just lovely? I was looking for Laurel & Hardy but I can't find them doh! but Audrey is a very good substitute ;0)

Fairly simple tage some DIs and some stamping and some TH film tape and some ribbon I died to match.  Love this stuff you can wrinkle it or leave it, I like it wrinkled. I do hope you pop over to the Stamp Smith they have a super DT with some lovely examples to get you going. Thank you for all your comments as always I do read every one, even if I don't always respond (although I do my best ;0) there are a couple more followers to welcome. Hello to Celestina & Emily. How wonderful to have you stop by and follow, your most welcome. Thanks to every one who stop by I know a lot of you stop by and don't leave a comment that's ok to. Love Dawn xx

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Envelope Art

Hi, any one got any hair left after blogger being bad  again Doesn't it put you so far behind? Not able to comment or post. Any way bloggers back thank you thank you ;0).

I had a give away on my journaling blog and I have announce the winners. But I thought I would send their little gift in a nice envelope each. The above one is all bright and girly. I scanned this so it's a bit bright.

This one is a little darker in colour a wee bit more vintage, and I have tried some new stamps out on both of them, I love them so useful and I can see they will be used over and over in my journaling as well as other projects like ATCs I haven't done one of those for a while, I am going to have a good nosey through my stash and see what takes my eye for the day ;0) Love Dawn xx

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday

I have been on ebay way too much this past few weeks and so I have stocked up on the ol' Tea Cup & Saucers. At the moment trios are really very much my thing. So I got this little beauty.

I don't know anything about china I just buy what I would like to drink out of so if you know a little please share. I am currently looking for a book to help me learn about china cups (as I am only a beginner) any suggestions? Any way I hope you like this little beauty. Don't forget to pop over to Terri's & Martha's for more yummy china.  Love Dawn xx

Monday, 23 May 2011

Grungy Monday 08

Good afternoon from England to all my bloggy visitors today. Phew what horrid weather we are having here in the NW all weekend it's been dreadful. But Grunge Monday at Linda's is always there to put a smile on the face :0) Yes it's another week of the challenge that so many of us have a go at. And we are using another of Tim Holtz techniques from 2008 so click to have a look.

Here is a close up, I have used some Stampin' Up! & Sweet & Sassy Stamps to create this little tag/topper? I haven't decided yet. But it did get me thinking that you can make up a few of these ready to pop on a card or even a journal page etc just nice little extra ready to glue in place if you haven't a lot of time but still completely hand made original just from you. Have a go and stop by this grate challenge blog to get all the details. Love Dawn xx

Friday, 20 May 2011

A 12 year old girl needs you to make her smile

And it will be so easy for you to do. Veronica is a very poorly little girl 'Veronica' has had a nasty fall and has severed her spinal cord. The Doctors say it will take a miracle if she is to walk again. God is in the business of miracles and her family and friends have asked that we pray for her and while Veronica is in hospital to send her post cards or cards from all over the world to help her smile. It's not a lot to ask to make this little girl SMILE is it? for the address and more information please click  Here

Here is my little contribution. Front

And a close up.

The address you need to send your cards to is:-

Veronica c/o Coleen Franks 8a pushkinska, Burcha, Kyiv OB 08293 Ukraine.

So I hope we can all be supportive to this poorly little girl, All the family really want's is your Prayer's but Coleen (family friend) who is a crafter thought it would be nice to have people send cards, post cards, and is making a scrapbook, after she has come out of hospital with every thing she is sent so she knows that many, many people thought and prayed for her. If you are willing to make this small gesture please leave a comment so I can have an idea how many she will be getting sent. Love Dawn xx

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Another tag for SL3

Morning, morning. I have my Grandson with us until Sunday evening, so not much crafting going on. I did however want to do another tag for Linda's challenge over at Studio L3 the technique of Tim's is really easy and I wanted to have another go ;0) See previous tag below. 

And I had some new stamps, so I wanted to try these out as well he he. I love steam punk but I wanted a lighter look to it this time rather than all brown/dark colours, I thought I would try some girly colours. I really like how this has turned out. I hope you like it to. I love to read all your comments, it's so nice to know you stopped by. And just in case you wasn't aware, WARNING! shameless plug> I have a new blog, just for Journalling Here. So if this is one of those things you would like to have a go at but thought no, too hard or I'll need to spend more. Just pop over to my journal blog.  Journalling is really simple to get into. I even give links to FREE work shops to get you started. I hope you will stop by. see you soon, Love Dawn xx

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Grungy Monday

Hello, Wednesday again, if you want to have a nosey on my desk (WOYWW) you will have to click Here there is also still time to enter my give away. Now, I am having lots of fun with  Tim's Technique. Another really easy one and I love easy when I need to do a quick card or tag in this case, don't you?

Here's a close up. You can see (I hope) that the saying is covered in clear EP melted to give some dimension as well as texture. I think this technique will come in handy lots of times. If you would like to join in the challenge pop over to see Linda over at Studio L3 Have a lovely day every one. Love Dawn xx

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday

Hello you know I have been shopping lots for tea cups lately but I love getting something lovely from a charity shop (twice the pleasure). This is a Royal Ascot. It's in wonderful condition the gilding is perfect and I really do like the shape of this cup. I am sharing this with you and the lovely ladies Terri & Martha who run Tea Cup Tuesday.

I am not a rosey person when it comes to cups. Well I am and I'm not, I liked the shape of this and it's lovely handle but I wasn't keen on the red & yellow roses I am sure some of you will find this delightful, saying that, I liked more than I disliked and they were to cheap not to buy them ;0) who knows they may make a lovely gift one day. Thanks for stopping buy Love Dawn xx

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Canvass 12x9

Hello, first, sad news, one of the kittens passed last night so Paris has four now, it is sad indeed but I expected it from the begging really. I hope she can manage the four she has left and I will of course keep you informed. 

I am going to call this 'Poppy Heaven' This is a take on a piece that I did in my journal Here. And I am now thrilled to be able to turn this in to a canvass. I love flowers the sent's and colours they bring. Spring is fantastic for bringing colour. Last year hubby and I went away to Scarborough for a few days. On the way we saw fields of poppy's & linseed and I have since done a couple of journal pages about this experience.

I loved how it turned out so much I decided to do a canvass to. This is a 12 x 9 canvass I have used stencils and paints, sprays paints, gesso etc for the back ground. The actual poppies are torn vintage pages from the book 'Nicholas Nickleby' They were then painted.

Finally the black glass beads were attached and ink is used for the stems. Although these poppies  are not painted in a life like form I still feel the wind that makes them dance in the fields and the beautiful sun on my face of the day,  when I look at them, to me they're as life like as any other poppy ;0) I am also adding a link to Paint Party Friday I am not a talented painter by a long shot but I do enjoy what I do paint and to me enjoyment is the key. However, if you go to the link of PPF you will see some amazing work and it's wonderful to be amongst it. I am also honnored to have two more followers Sheleen & Zoe I have been visiting Zoe for a long time she is a wonderful crafter and Sheleen is a brand new friend I am so happy you have decided to follow my journey here. Love Dawn xx

Thursday, 12 May 2011

New Kittens totally CUTE!

Look at me mum, aren't I clever? I was there while they were being born (although I missed the first two) she didn't take long at all bless her and FIVE! I was totally shocked at five. Paris is only a kitten her self bless, I was very worried about this litter, all are well but I am not getting too attached yet (you never know we may loose some) so here they are clean and fluffy this morning only 10ish hours old and feeding.

They make the sweetest noise all mewing all feeding and all super cute! I will share some more photos in a few weeks and we will see just how much they have changed and hopefully we will still have five.

Even Lola had to go see what all the noise was about and she is wonderful with them. I thought perhaps Paris wouldn't allow her any where near them, and I was weary of letting Lola go close. However I needn't have worried, here she is sniffing the kittens being ever so gentle and she also gave Paris a lick on the head as if to say well done bless. Okie doke, I will leave you with all these fur babies and get on with some crafting, enjoy Love Dawn xx

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Grungy Monday

Hi, Hope your well and enjoying your crafting journey's where ever you are. This is my second post of the day, I would like to say welcome to my new followers, Penny Gerri & Debs I have to your blogs and what wonderful artists you all are thank you for sharing my crafty journey. Now Grungy Monday, I had to play with this technique of Tim's this week Linda from Studio L3 is asking us to play and get all grungy with tim. This week I liked the technique so much I have already done a few tags ready for when I need one. I love this technique because it's easy & effective.

I was going to go all out steam punk style with this but in the end I went for a softer approach with these new stamps from Crafty Individuals I love corsets (not that I would wear them like the kids do these days ;0) I hope You will stop by again soon, please leave a comment and let me know you were here. Love Dawn xx

Tea Cup Tuesday Easter Basket

Hello my fellow china Easter basket swappers. At the beginning of March the lovely Terri & Mather of TCT decided it would be lovely to have a china swap for Easter, I was in like Flyn (as they used to say) I am still waiting for my basket to arrive but finally the lovely Fitty has received hers now so (I sent is 7 days before Easter and I was told it would get there in time) four weeks later I can show you what I sent her. I had so much fun getting this together for Fitty.

As it was Easter I obviously had to put some hand made chocolates in there for her to make her feel particularly special. I should of got my self some as well salivating now mmm.

I made a tag and had to put this cute key ring in when I saw it. It says 'Keep clam and have tea' how perfect for our little swap? and I put it in a little egg gift box (continuing with the Easter theme).

And finally not one but two sets of TC&S Fitty said she adored flowers of all kinds and was a romantic, she also likes pastel colours so I thought of the lovely Royal Stewart (What flowers are these?) I have no idea but this is a great cup. Fitty is also very much into trios so well, I sent her one of these two. It's colclough china and just lovely. Poppies make me smile. Thank you for visiting I do hope I will be able to share Fitty's gift next week. Love Dawn xx

Monday, 9 May 2011

Altered Post cards

Hello, gosh this post is very late today, I hope your day is going well. I have joined a swap with Trisha from the lovely French kissed. She sent me (and others) some stunning post cards at the end of March for us to alter. The title was 'April in Paris' Now if you visit you know I had to play I love French/Paris anything lol  (please put positive thoughts out there for me to go to Paris ;0) I am sorry but I have forgotten to take a before photo DER! anyway here is what I created with the cards I received.

The PCs were all vintage and black & white. It actually took me some time to actually do anything with them as they were just so beautiful as they were. But then I got to thinking about other vintage cards/photos and how they are colourised. And I thought I would use this as a theme through out. Look at these wonderful landmarks, one day I will see them for real (one day).

I made this lovely fairy from a sheet I bought from Land of nod studios . I thought she looked perfect here under the arch. I used my copics for all the colouring I am really please with the results.

The image is from crafty Individuals, aren't they just so perfect together? And the same done with the postcard back ground with the copics. After they were all finished I painted matt medium on all of them to protect them through the post as Trisha wanted us to sent them through the post just as they were. when she get' them all back she gets to keep some (she gave the post cards out) and then every one else get some back from who ever else joined in. I am looking forward to my swaps I look forward to seeing what others have done, however I am going to miss these post card I hope others will enjoy them.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

What can you make out of Rubbish?

Morning, So rubbish, quite. I had two of these tins from Christmas and I knew they would come in handy I just didn't know for what. Any way if you look at any of my WOYWWs you will see two white baskets and they do take up a fare amount of room. I was feeling locked in at my desk so, I have had a little move around and created some more space using these tins. Before all my copic pens were in the basket, not very good I can't see them and when it comes to using colours they weren't easy to get hold of or even see which colours I had. Here's what I created.

So, what do you think? they didn't take ages to make but I thought they were a quick fix to a problem I had. And they look lovely (to me any way) and cost nothing to make it's all scraps and bits and all my copics JUST fit so come Christmas I may have to eat some peanuts for my new copics ha ha. 

Oh I wanted to tell you I am having a little give away on my other blog Journal Journey's so pop over for the details. It's always fun reading your comments and visiting your blogs. Thanks for stopping by to see what I have been up to. Love Dawn xx

Saturday, 7 May 2011


Hi, As you know I love participating in swaps, I do a few each month. Last month I was creating for my dear friend Petra. She had the great idea of altering a key. Where do you start? I was thinking key rings and this creation came from there.  Personally, I think it makes a great hand bag charm, don't you?

Isn't this key just so lush? I love the flower and the wings are my very fave part. Petra was also kind enough to send me some goodies, we are both generous as I believe most crafter's are ;0)

So here is the pretty picture of all the goodies together. I will not show Petra's goodies, I want her to have a good look or it will spoil the surprise ;0). As always love your comments and I had a poll last month, seem's no one wants to see cards (not that I do that many these days) you all really liked the Altered things and Mixed media as well as the journalling. I have actually set up a new blog for Journalling and that is all that's on there. So if you need a fix or you want to know where to start, what to do etc. go have a peek. I am just learning my self where journalling is concerned so I wanted to have a dedicated blog just for that. I hope you will pop by and leave a comment or even become a follower. Love Dawn xx

Friday, 6 May 2011

A hat for Paris?

Morning blog land. How are you all. I have been struggling to create but I am happy to say I think I am back on form after creating this. As you all know if you visit regularly I love French/Paris things. And I use this as my muse for lots of things. I saw these cute little hats and I was full of ideas (I may have to do another) The light has gone awful so sorry about the quality (I had to use a flash).

I have a few close up on this hat here is the 1st

Number two view.

And the third view. I love birds as well ;0) it's amazing what you can do with a few bit's & bobs and a hot glue gun? I haven't come across 'Pink Paislee' before but I did love these Parisian Anthology pieces. Some of the flowers, leaves and lace are from wild orchards. Some are prima flowers and others hobby craft. I do like to buy from all over ha ha.. I hope you likey like. I would also like to say hi to my new followers, ARCE, (French of heart) & Dorothy, couldn't get to your blogs please leave me a link & Rosa from paperchase & Trish from sweetology. Thank you for coming along to share the fun I have crafting and seeing all your wonderful works too. Have a great day the week end is almost here.  Love Dawn xx


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