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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Award for me and now FIVE of YOU!

Another lovely award I am so thrilled to receive this from Anesha She is a lovley siritual person, and always leave me wonderful uplifting comments I really should be giving this to her. Thank you so much hun it mees alot from you.

Now for this award there are rules, First you have to say who gave you the award. Second you have to put a link on your blog back to theirs, so others can see their yummy work. Thirdly you have to pass it on to FIVE others And finally you have to name seven interesting things about your self.

So here are the FIVE lovely ladies I am passing this on too:-

Our daily bread designs & Stampin Sisters





So they are a must see FIVE BLOGGERS go have a look I am sure they would love to see you too!

Now Seven interesting facts about me????? well I don't know how interesting you will find it but here goes

  • I am a latter day saint (known better as Mormon)
  • I am mother to 3 boys & one grandson
  • I lived in Germany for three yrs
  • I went to university
  • My Darling husband is my life
  • I would love to live on a small holding (hubby would love this so much too)
  • I can read music
So there we are not very interesting but maybe you feel you know be a little better lol. Thank you for looking. Please stop a while and have a look round. Love Dawn xx


Marga said...

Awww thank you Dawn, for the lovely award! And also thank you for always leaving me nice comments. You're such a sweet person :) I will put it on my blog and pass it on soon. (it won't be easy to find 7 interesting facts about myself though, lol)

xx Hugs, Marga

Lisa Hjulberg said...

Thanks Dawn for the lovely blog award! You are so sweet!!! I enjoyed learning more about you, too. I hope you come back and play in our challenges often.

God's blessings to you!


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